Thursday, December 27, 2012

We have a rink! (almost)

A new 25'x35' rink has been built and filled with water in the parkette. Now all we are waiting for is it to freeze which will probably take until the new year.

Home Hardware on Morrow generously donated the liner and half of the lumber costs. Consider showing your gratitude for their neighbourly gesture by thinking of them next time you visit the hardware store. At very least thank them if you happen to run into them.

We need your help in a couple ways:

1. Please keep off the rink until the large "PLEAAE KEEP OFF" sign has been removed. It will take a few days to freeze and stepping on the surface too early will undo the hard work of your fellow neighbours and ruin the ice. Repairing it will mean a further delay so feel free to speak up if you see dogs or kids tempted to test it.

2. $200 dollars in material costs and an as yet unknown dollar amount in water (generously supplied by the Fortis family next door to the park) will hopefully be recouped by those who use it. We will plan a skating party once the rink is underway to fundraise but in the meantime if you plan on using it consider donating between $10 and $20 to the cause depending on how much you think you will use it. You can put it in the mailbox at 75 Ritchie.

Thanks and happy skating...