Monday, October 3, 2011

The Extravaganza Bonanza Spook-tacular Halloween Bash’

Halloween is on a Monday this year. What does that mean? It means parents will endure the weekend before that beloved Monday with their children incessantly asking, ‘is it Halloween yet? Is it Halloween yet? IsitHalloweenyet? Isihalwnyt?’

NO it’s not Halloween!! Halloween isn’t until MONDAY.

Fret not frazzled parents; we have the answer.

"The Extravaganza Bonanza Spook-tacular Halloween Bash’ at Ritchie Park

The Bash will be held on the weekend prior to Halloween. So parents can now declare, ‘no Halloween isn’t until Monday BUT we can go to The Extravaganza Bonanza Spook-tacular Halloween Bash TODAY! So climb off that wall, Junior….Mitzy, put down the electric knife…and slap on your Halloween costumes!’.

The Extravaganza Bonanza Spook-tacular Halloween Bash will be held on Saturday October 29th at 4pm (rain date is Sunday October 30th at 2pm). There will be crafts and games and rumour has it a mad scientist has left some jars filled with frightful specimens throughout the park-stick your hand in, if you dare!!!!

We’ll have some snacks and little prizes for all. Pizza and juice boxes will also be served.

‘What can I do to help?’ Please email Laura or Lillian below and we can offer suggestions! We are hoping to make this is a group effort and anything you can do (juggle, face painting, speak to the dead) or bring (nut free treats, craft thingies, Halloween games) to make this a success will be greatly appreciated!

So save the date, whip up a costume, and join us at Ritchie Park!!

Please email or for more information


  1. You're awesome Lillian. I love this neighbourhood!

    (Will get in touch with Laura for my marching orders).

    Maureen, James, Jarvis and Grace

  2. scary ghost stories? oooooooo.

  3. Can't wait for you to read me a scary story Herc!
    Lillian and Laura - Great job on setting this up! We're all looking forward to it.
    p.s. I think I should be able to rig something up to blow up 100 involves a compressor but should be a lot quicker!
    See you all at the Spook-tacular Bash!