Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Park meeting - July 11th 6:30pm

If you can please come to a meeting tonight to address latest parkette-related concerns. See the note from Gord Perks' office below.


I spoke our Parks Manager Ray Stukas this morning regarding some concerns he has received about changes they are planning for the walkway. Currently, new sand is being put in and an additional swing is being added, but it is my understanding that this has moved the walkway slightly to meet required distances to stay within CSA standards for playgrounds.

As the Parks crew is currently onsite, Parks thought that due to concerns it would be a good idea to hold a meeting tonight at 6:30 in Ritchie Parkette to discuss ways to implement the walkway and additional swings while mitigating the loss of open space (other issues and improvements will be discussed at the next community visioning meetings). While this is short notice, in my conversation with Ray he stated this should help ensure the work is completed earlier in the summer and not be bumped back until a later date.

So, if everyone could knock on their neighbours' door or give you friends in the area a call about the Parks meeting tonight it would be appreciated.

See you tonight,

-Michael Butler


  1. Hi there,

    Do you know what is happening with this "rennovation"? It seems to me that they've just left a big hole where there used to be grass and there's still sand everywhere. It would be nice to have the park finished before the snow comes because I fear that it won't get done other wise. I've had some contact with the City of Toronto about this matter, and would be happy to continue to hound them to get it done PROPERLY and FAST.

    I also have a bit of a complaint, even though I don't really like to call it that. As much as I love the fact that there are tons of kids on the street, and that they all use the parkette, I really hate that it looks like a hot mess every day because of the left over toys and broken paper plates, hoola hoops, etc. Is there something that you have talked about in your meetings to solve this messy situation? My idea would be to build/buy a small shed or outdoor box and put it in the back corner so that the kids can put their toys away so that people who use the park who don't have kids, don't have to pick up after them whenever they want to use the space.

    Sorry if this comes off as insensitive, but there are many dog owners who use the park as well and I've seen a lot of dogs trip over or destroy toys that have been left out.


  2. A couple good points Kate.

    First, regarding the renovation. I too would love to know what is going on. I contacted the Councillors office ( and inquired about it. I suggest you do too since my voices seem to speak louder. The relevant text of my email to him is at the end of this comment. I suggest anyone reading this that is interested in the renovation 'hound' the Councillor's office so it doesn't drop off his to-do list.

    The storage box is a great idea. I think we should suggest it as part of the renovation. I suspect there might be an issue of dogs/kids getting trapped inside but it is worth inquiring when we meet with the City again.

    For sure broken toys should be put in the garbage. I guess it is everyone's responsibility to keep it clean. I for one, throw any garbage, including broken toys in the trash when I see it.

    Except from email to Michael Butler in Gord Perks office from Friends of Ritchie Parkette:

    I know there is supposed to be more construction in the Park this fall. I haven't seen any plans so I'm not sure what are the next steps. I do know that there are some issues with how it ended up functioning (good and bad) over the summer and have some specific recommendations - namely containing the sand in it's area as it is spilling onto the walkway making it quite treacherousness. Subtle stuff that is too granular for you but I though if work was being done we could try to make what money is being spent more effectively used. Where should I turn with these questions about timetable for further work and suggestions to make a safer park?