Friday, November 2, 2012

Sod delayed

I know we were told that new sod was to have been installed this fall. Here is the explanation as to why it has not and will not happen this year from Michael Butler of Gord Perks' office:

I have chatted with ray and other parks staff and I am told,
"The problem is predicting the weather. Ideally sod needs a few weeks to knit under ideal growing conditions. We would need the area fenced off until the roots penetrate the soil underneath otherwise foot traffic, bicycles etc will ruin the job. If it gets cold quickly this will not occur until the spring.

Also if we do it now and fence off the area until the spring we won't have access for the other work."
As well they also highlighted that in terms of some of the options we are looking at and could possibly choose,

"It would be smarter to do the other work such as bring in a ping pong table (which probably needs to be brought in with a forklift), relocate the water fountain (which will require trenching), install the light pole(which will also need trenching for electrical wiring) and grade the back corner before we sod."
I hope that answers your question sufficiently and I look forward to chatting with you and the rest of the ritchie folks at the upcoming meeting about the improvements.

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