Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weston Grant Application Successful!

It was announced yesterday that the W. Garfield Weston Foundation will support improvements to Ritchie Parkette with a $25,000 grant provided through the Weston Family Parks Challenge.

The Rotary Club of Toronto, the Friends of Ritchie Parkette and the Toronto Department of Parks, Forestry & Recreation will use the grant to rehabilitate the parkette’s natural environment, introduce wildlife education and programming.

Although the drop zone ride and giant velcro wall were rejected it turns out that we are approved for the following:

  1. Native species will be planted at the front of the park and some interpretive signage that identifies the plants and describes healthy natural habitats.
  2. A chalk board wildlife and bird sighting display and some signage about birds in the area will be erected with links for posting bird, insect and mammal sightings to this blog.
  3. Access to a water tap for all seasons. This means sandcastles, rivers through sand tunnels and water for the ice rink in the winter.
Thanks to all involved for their time in helping us win this generous grant.